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A Simple Tutorial for a Java Beginner

The perception of the programming is quite complex, especially if you don’t have any idea about it. There are many codes, software and tools to be used in order to have your own application, site or program. As an introduction, Java is one of the popularly used programming languages developed by Oracle Corporation since 1995. It is object-oriented, general-purpose, class-based and concurrent. The syntax and codes are compiled, arranged, executed and tested to see if the program will work successfully and smoothly.

The Step by Step Procedures for a Java Novice Programmer

  • Read and comprehend the terminologies for JAVA programming because these are essential to know as well as applied in writing the codes, syntax, variables, types, conditions, arrays, and loops, functions of every codes, arguments and objects.
  • You must search a Java Development Kit and download the programming language so you can able to experience the actual programming tool.
  • You have to understand the codes being used such as ‘main’ and ‘public’. The term ‘class’ is used to pertain for every line of the codes. The ‘main’ serves as the name of the method while the ‘public’ means that anyone can access the program. To derive the first line, it is written as “public class Main {“while the second line is written as “public static void main (String [] args) }”. As you noticed in the latter class, there are different codes used. The static refers to a command that can execute the method without making an instance for the main. For the closing part, to perfectly execute the code, you can address it as “System.out.println (“Congrats, This is your first program!”)}}”. As you can see, on the last part, it is the execution command to come up with the result of your codes. Try these basic coding and Good luck!
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Why Isn’t JAVA Used in Games as Much as Other Languages?

Every year, more than 1.2 billion people play video games. Many people play hours of intense game play without even giving a thought on how much time was put into making the game, or even what the game is “made-of.” Everything you see on a computer is made of code, no exceptions to games. However, like speaking, there are many different types of languages: C++, BASIC, C, COBOL, Ada, and more. Though today I am going to talk about Java Script and its relation to programming games.

C++ is More Popular

Most games either use C++ or Java. However, bigger game “empires” so to say, use C++, why is that? Well first off, Java and C++ are a lot of the same thing, with some few differences. Small console games use C# or Java, IOS games use Objective C, and Android games are usually in Java, with C++ if you are willing to jump through some cross-device compatibility issues you may face. All the “C” languages are all similar, not necessarily related, but can be nearly used for everything. Java is, what some stay, a good way to learn your orientation that is used in C++. This still doesn’t answer why Java isn’t used as much for games.

Well one of the best reasons that I was able to find was because of change. C, the original language that ended up spawning the rest of the “C’s” was originally used by game companies. As these newer languages came out, the companies upgraded to these newer ones because of how easy the transition was. (Remember, the C languages were based off each other, so it was basically like upgrading your phone to the newer version, you know how it works, just have to figure out some new features to use.) This then causes for fewer people to learn Java, as C++ would get you more likely hired as a programmer for a game company.

JAVA is Great for the Web

Today we usually find Java games as web based, such as all these “free game websites” that kids try to get into while at school. (That is then soon blocked by the firewall) Though Java isn’t completely gone in bigger games. Minecraft, considered to be the biggest game of all time, rated number 3 in the world, just behind Wii Sports, and about x6 behind Tetris (I mean, it’s Tetris, of course it’s going to be number 1) This is a rare occurrence though, as Minecraft was never intended on being popular, is was made by a small developer that happen to know Java, but then exploded into a massive game.

Java may not be as popular as C++ but it is still out there, and still worth it to know it, as you never know when you may need it in the future.


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Welcome to the New Java Games Blog

James Gosling and Sun Microsystems developed a set of software for computers and specifications which provides a system for developing app software and deploying it in a computing environment with cross-platform, it is called JAVA. One of the most used type applications and systems with JAVA are games or much more known as JAVA games. One of the revolutionary steps of the mobile gaming industry started back in summer of 2001 when the examples of what would become the most used gaming platform was introduced in Java conference San Francisco. Digital bridges and Sega were given the chance to demonstrate games on prototype Motorola phones. These games are operated by micro version of the Java programming environment. Since then the gaming industry has continuously evolved and improved.

Top 4 Java Games

Speed Moto

One of the top Java games of today is the Speed Moto. It is a motorcycle racing game and is offered free for Java phones. The game lets you command the movement of a Superbike and race through the fastest and shortest corners of the best Moto GP circuits. The Speed Moto provides four different game modes.

Project Gotham Racing

In this car racing game lets you experience the difficulty of driving extremely fast with supercars. These games accurately recreate the speed of the vehicle and the required experience to drive safely and fast. The game has the variety of good looking cars and challenging tracks to choose from. Project Gotham Racing has a responsive control which allows you to use your reflexes accurately to drive the car even with its top speed.

Real Football Manager 2013

This game lets you experience to be a soccer coach and manage your team to win one of the world’s top leagues. This game requires you to take control of the daily activities in running a soccer club. These include press interviews, tactics, training, squad selection, scouting and transfers. You can choose more than 200 teams that originate from across the top South American and European leagues and pick their positions in order for you to spot the opponents weaknesses and win the game.

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing

This is another car racing game that is dominating the Java games together with its other updated versions. Asphalt 4 impressively portrays the real racing environment. You can choose from different vehicles which are actually in production with our real world. You can enjoy five types of racing which are Elite Racing, including Drift, Cop chase, and Beat ’em all.

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